Active holiday

If your vacation has to include a dose of adrenaline, then Omiš is definitely the right choice for you. There is hardly a sea, water, mountain or air activity not offered in the greater Omiš area. Upon request, either before you arrive or while you stay in one of our apartments, we can arrange following for You.

In the wider area of Omis you can choose the sea, rivers, mountains and fresh air.

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On request, prior to arrival or during your stay in one of our apartments, we can arrange the following for you.

Distance to:

  • Split: 24 km

  • Split Airport: 45 Km

  • Dubrovnik: 200 km

  • Plitvice Lakes: 277 Km

  • Krka National Park: 122 Km

Theme trails

Thanks to the efforts of local enthusiasts, the number of long theme trails in the Omiš area are growing in number each year. There are several dozen trails in the area today that will take you – wherever you like! Following the well-marked trails leading from the very centre of Omiš in just a few hours you can reach the tops of the surrounding mountains, old pirate fortresses, amazing vantage points and numerous quaint villages of the region.


Zipline is one of the most spectacular attractions. During the three-hour Zipline adventure, you will experience the amazing canyon of the Cetina River in a unique way. More than three hours of crazy high-speed sliding down 2 km long wires, some of which running at more than 100 meters above ground, that is unique.

Hiking and Trekking

The town of Omiš lies in the embrace of three steep mountains – Omiška Dinara, Komorjak and Mosor. For centuries, these mountains served as natural protection from enemies, whereas today they represent a perfect venue for hiking tours. Except for offering a number of well-marked theme trails suitable for recreational hikers and all-year-round tours, each spring the mountains around Omiš become the venue of the Spring Trekking Cup – a series of hiking/trekking marathons which, apart from endurance, also test one’s resourcefulness and orientation skills.

Great and Small Gubavica waterfalls (Croat. Velika and Mala Gubavica)

For tens of thousands of years the Cetina River shaped and formed the landscape along its course – it carried rocks, cut through mountains and slowly worked its way to the sea. During its millenary journey, it created one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia, a place hiding a new surprise at every corner. Two of the most amazing ones are perhaps the two waterfalls near the village of Zadvarje - the Great (Velika) (49 m) and Small (Mala) (7m) Gubavica, special among hundreds of others in the world for the fact that you can actually swim under them. The location represents a breathtaking natural oasis in which the Cetina River, just meters away from the two mighty waterfalls, for a moment calms down and forms a nice swimming pond with a spectacular view of the roaring water masses dropping down from almost 50 m above you!


Rafting on the Cetina River has, for over two decades been, the favorite activity of many tourists in Omiš. What makes this river adventure especially attractive is the fact that it can be adapted to all. Families with kids and seniors will get to enjoy easy paddling through untouched nature, whereas adrenaline lovers will take a different route and measure their strength with a series of wild river rapids


For those who prefer to be in full control while exploring the Cetina canyon, kayaking is the right choice. Much like with rafting, the level of adrenaline you will get to experience will largely depend on the chosen route. Small one- or two-person kayaks will enable you to closely explore even the most hidden and secluded parts of the canyon.


If you really want to experience the Cetina river in its full splendor, there’s no better choice than Canyoning – an adrenaline adventure combining hiking along (and through!) the Cetina with swimming under waterfalls and mastering river rapids. Canyoning will give you a chance to really “feel” the river, both literally and figuratively.

Scuba diving

Omiš and the rest of its Riviera boast some of the most amazing beaches and coves in Dalmatia, and the possibilities it offers for scuba diving and exploring the underwater world are among the best on the Adriatic. Omiš simply has it all – from shallow underwater plains accessible to all, to deep and hidden walls and cliffs to be explored only by the most experienced divers. At the depth of only 3 meters not far from the central town beach you can find a sunken wreck of a World War II ship. More experienced divers will be amazed by the cove of Vruja, which represents one of the best scuba diving sites in Croatia. This is a location of a large freshwater source and is, due to the mixing of fresh and seawater, exceptionally rich in fish.

Free climbing

Omiš is, among other things, also widely known as one of the top two free climbing locations in Croatia, and adrenaline lovers are especially drawn to it by the fact that all climbing routes are just a couple of minutes away from the town center. Regardless if you are just a beginner or already an experienced free climber, in Omiš you will definitely find the right climbing route for you.


Wind is something you don't usually look forward to while on vacation but you will probably change your mind once you try one of the most addicting and fun activities you can experience in Omiš.

If you are looking for an easy cruise through the waves, there are a couple of windsurfing schools in town. However, if you are an adrenalin-junkie seeking some extreme excitement on your vacation – don’t worry.

Sailing trip to some of Croatia’s beautiful islands

In the summer months, you can sail from either the Omiš town port or the Cetina mouth on one of the many tourist ships and boats offering one or more day trips to most popular tourist destinations. Every morning several tourist boats sail out from Omiš towards Brač, Hvar and other islands and towns on the coast.